this is a ticket as it shows in the sales-slip window. it is identical to the printed version. note the following: the heading comes from easyPOS.cfg. each item is in full detail, showing charges for each of the add-on items. each item is sub-totaled. the "total" button has been pressed on this ticket. sales tax comes from easyPOS.cfg. at this point, the ticket could be suspended, paid or charged.

tickets are stored in a flat file, but with four lines per line item. this is so that it is easier to re-read all the tickets for the day, allowing you to end and re-start the program at will. tickets are written into /slips/2001/Jan/05 for instance. there is a shell script to create a full year of directory for the slips called format_slips. each finished ticket has a file name such as N005 (for a finished, cashed-out sale) or Cdmallery003 for a charged ticket. the inclusion of the credit file name after the "C" allows for easier sorting and printing of the month-end bills. when a ticket is suspended, it is written with a prefix of "S". restarting a suspended ticket reads in all the detail and leaves the program ready to add on items or finalize... the ticket is finally written with a "N" prefix.

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