easyPOS is a GPL cash register
written in C using GTK+

program has been in use for over a year in a café

  • easyPOS uses flat ascii text files for menu items and credit accounts. the menu structure is simply a directory tree: /menu with as many second level sub-directories as needed: /cooked, /dessert, /mdse, etc. each of these contain actual menu items with prices.
  • easyPOS stores each ticket with detail in another tree: /slips. a typical entry would be: /slips/2001/Jun/15. this sub-directory would contain all the tickets for the day, both cash and charge. because all detail is kept, you can get full inventory control information on a daily basis. an export file is written at the end of the day with item summary information.
  • easyPOS uses "standard" POS hardware. the slip printer is attached to the parallel port and is fed by standard lpr commands. the cash drawer connects to a port on the slip printer which is pulsed to open the solenoid door lock when you send an ascii bel to the printer. opening the drawer consists of sending a file that contains only an ascii 7 to the printer.

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